What is subjectivity, exactly?

I’d better clarify on the matter of subjectivity, as it is the core thread binding the process behind this fancy new blog. You may be familiar with the fact that there is a timeless philosophical debate which revolves around two perspectives of the nature of reality: Objectivity and Subjectivity.

Now I don’t have to get too esoteric or heady to explain what this is about and why it is the most important philosophical consideration for any sentient being. However, in many ways Subjectivism can be best defined as a contrast to Objectivism, so let us begin with that.

Objectivism is perhaps the first philosophy. In many ways, it is a very “natural” way to understand things. In a few words, Objectivism is a static view of reality – that is, there are Truths with a capital T. Reality is reality and that’s all there is to it; morality is a real force with there being Rights and Wrongs, Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell. It is a reality of absolutes and certainty. Murder is wrong and charity is right, circumstances are irrelevant because these Truths will always be True.

Subjectivism, then, is an understanding that reality exists only as perception and that perceptions can vary from person to person. Because of this, it is not likely that there exists a static, unchanging reality – and if there is, there’s little or no way for us to know. In many ways, it is philosophical agnosticism. There aren’t truths with a capital T; what may be true now and here may not be true in a different time and place. While I may like a particular band, there will be many who don’t; while I like to think that I’m “right” and they aren’t, it’s a debate with no conclusion. To take it back to murder – murder can be seen as a righteous act in certain circumstances, such as the execution of a mass killer.

This is going to be a fun blog – subjectivism is something which permeates my thoughts on a regular basis and binds me in a perpetual existential crisis. But, it’s just a wide enough of an umbrella to encompass many areas of my interest, ranging from current events to music appreciation to movie commentary. But above all this will be an eclectic collection of writings held under a common banner: Exploring Subjectivism. Objectivism has had its fun in the sun and gained much love under populist political movements the last century; now it’s time to argue for something different.

And even if you don’t give two snorts about this pretentious subjectivism/objectivism nonsense this blog should prove at least mildly stimulating. Enjoy!


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