What is “the subject iv” and why should I care?

What is the subject iv?



I’ve always been a fan of clever names, ones that stand out yet have relevance to the subject’s intent. Names are important; they generally create the first most impression. So I thought long and hard about this (not really, this was actually the first thing that popped in my head because I’ve got a fantastic talent for coming up with names for things) and this is what I’ve finally settled on. the subject iv is going to be a strange and eclectic collection of written ideas, musings, (occasional) rantings, and so forth.

At the core, the subject iv will, in one fashion or another, investigate a philosophy known as Subjectivity and it’s related schools such as cultural relativism. There will be frequent indictment of Objectivist proclamations and a general crusade against the growing army of Randroids. However, as a subjectivist blog there’s an understanding that neither view is particularly “right” or “wrong,” but that they do in fact prove useful in their own right at varying times — and at other times, both can be quite destructive when used inappropriately. (More on this soon.)

However, it will not be entertainment popcorn repostings of the latest Harlem Shake meme videos and videos of Russians with road rage. So if you want that, then just wait a few months until this fails and I have to whore myself to squeeze out every view and click I can (just kidding, being poor is fun).

So why did I choose “the subject iv”? What does it mean? Why can’t you capitalize properly?

It is subjective, isn’t it? I like to think of this blog and its goals as not just a loose focus on subjectivity (could I cast a wider or more vague net, really?) but as my personal outlet for a wide variety of personal interests and curiosities and things I think people should know or consider. In many ways, it will endeavor to be an intravenous drip of information and ideas – a “subject IV,” if you will (I give myself points for effort).

And of course, there is “subject four,” which makes up in mysteriousness what it lacks in actual meaning or significance of any sort.

I look forward to posting various amounts of nonsense and drivel; if anyone bothers to read it, then kudos (even if you didn’t like it). In my next posting we’ll be trying to pin down a concrete definition of subjectivity (did you see what I did there?), and give a better idea of what the goals of this publication will be. Until then….



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