State of the Blog (and the future) — 3/2

(As President of the subjectivstan it is my duty to keep the citizenry informed of policy and progress, so here it is. I’ll probably do this at the end of every week, Friday or Saturday.)

The last week (week of the 25th) of February saw the launch of my new blog, the subjectiv. Though not even a week old, the subjectiv has already enjoyed a fantastic response.


Featured pieces:

February 25, 2013 – Gun control actually expands our freedoms

February 26, 2013 – The hypocrisy of the new Copyright Alert System

February 27, 2013 – Colorado’s new marijuana DUI laws and the absurd

February 28, 2013 – Rigging the game, Supreme Court-style: The Voting Rights Act is under attack again

March 1, 2013 – Bradley Manning — Does no good deed go unpunished?


In fact, it was my distinct honor for my piece entitled “Gun control actually expands our freedoms” to be re-posted and featured by one of the, if not the largest non-profit gun control organizations in the United States, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. The same article enjoyed a great level of response, including much negative from individuals who disagreed. While some were reasonable and respectful there was an interesting trend of individuals who, perplexingly, asserted that I must be un- or anti-American to not want to participate in an uprising against our government. I’ll let you figure out how that makes sense (this is undeniably great writing fodder, so cheers detractors!). Here was one particular comment which has been making the rounds. I’d blur his picture or his name, except as he’s making personal threats I don’t feel especially compelled to go out of my way for his sake: (I’ll have more commentary on this next week)gun nut1

Actually, when I started out writing mainly politically-focused pieces, I knew it would be a great early milestone when I got my very first negative reply. So, I’ve certainly gotten that out of the way. If nothing else, it shows that I am being effective, if I’ve been articulate enough to provoke ire. Though, ire is not the goal here – I’m not going for Glenn Beck-style punditry – but rather to share. Share points of view, opinions, conclusions that may differ from traditional wisdom and the general consensus. Always? No. There are a great number of areas where subjectivity cannot just run amok, but must be used in reasonable and rational moderation (like anything else).

Though the focus so far has obviously been political/current event style topics, I do plan to branch out; after all, subjectivity permeates many facets of life. As it is the goal for the next couple weeks or so will be to post 4 to 5 posts a week, much like I have during this past one. However, I will also be including a piece or two that is “a bit different” and lighter in content on the weekends; I haven’t decided if it’ll be a Saturday or Sunday thing. But as someone heavily critical of films and rather fanatical about music, you’ll probably be seeing topics in those areas.

One last item: Though I was originally planning to wait at least a month or two, I’ve decided that within the next week, two at the most, I will be investigating the possibility of getting the subjectiv a proper domain and host so we can really get this show on the road. The incredible response received on my gun control article (the first proper article I posted, no less) has had a lot to do with this decision. More soon.

Thanks to those reading the subjectiv and I look forward to seeing where this experiment takes us!


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